Women's Group

Women's Ministry

Headed by Rev. Dr. Cheryl Graves

The Emmanuel Tabernacle Christian Church Women’s Ministry was born in the Spring of 2000 at our former church location.  The Women’s Ministry met on Wednesdays and the group was initially led by Sister Tancie Bostick.  After Sister Bostick relocated to Florida, Sister Cheryl Graves assumed leadership of the Women’s Ministry.

The group offers a forum where women can come and express themselves openly and freely.  It is a forum where we share and encourage and lift each other up through prayer, sharing and by offering words of encouragement.   We have a bible study especially for women.  We recently completed a study on the Sin of Pride, Greed and Self-Destruction and Once Saved Always Saved. Other deadly sins are lust, envy, wrath, gluttony and sloth. We have completed studying Psalm 51 where David is crying out to God to create in him a clean heart and renew a right spirit in him after committing his sin with Bathsheba and also studying 2 Samuel, Chapters 12 and 13. We are currently studying Women of the Bible out of the book of Ester.

In addition to our bible study on Wednesday nights, some of our activities include - we visit the sick in nursing homes and women who are incarcerated.   We gather clothing and provide clothing to those in need.  We also sponsor needy families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have sponsored a woman in a Christian-based program who had been released from the Cobb County Detention Center.  She was serious about changing her life.  When we sponsored her, this gave her the time she needed to get her life back on track.  She became a group leader while in the program.  After her graduation from the program, she led a youth group and got her teenage daughter back.  When she visited Emmanuel Tabernacle during our Pastor’s Anniversary several years ago, she looked great and was still focused and allowing the Lord to continue to lead her.  During our most recent contact with her, we are proud to report that she is still doing well. This is truly a blessing and it let’s us know that there is hope for others.

We have participated in a women’s retreat with Metro Christian Outreach Women’s Ministry and supported Hope House in Jasper, Georgia through monetary donations and made trips to donate women’s clothing.  We also assisted Hope House when their transitional housing flooded.  We know that God is able to do anything but fail.

            Many thanks to everyone for your prayers, support and words of encouragement.  Please continue to pray for Emmanuel Tabernacle Christian Church and Our Women’s Ministry.

 Youth Ministry

Headed by Deacon Curtis Fritz

Monthly Youth Summit

Outreach Ministry

Outreach to the local community
New Member Training/Orientation

Headed by the Deacon Board

Train new members in the Vision, Mission, Church Covenant and Articles of Faith.

Men's Ministry

Headed by Deacon Burnett Cook

Men of Grace meet monthly